Pool Center

Relaxing moments at the sauna and pool centre

You are welcome to relax at the sauna and pool centre of the Lakeside Hotel. After the hot sauna, it is pure bliss to cool off in a pool and enjoy the gorgeous views of Lake Saimaa.


Women’s sauna, men’s sauna, steam sauna, private sauna

Large pool

width 6 m, length 16.7 m, 4 lanes
total area 100 m2, average depth 150 cm, volume 150 m3
water temperature approx. 26° C

Children’s pool

width 3 m, length 4 m, average depth 20 cm

Waterfall pool

water massage outlets
width 2.7 m, length 5.6 m, depth 80 cm
volume 12 m3

Warm water pool

width 5.5 m, length 9.3 m, depth 140 cm
volume 72 m3
water temperature approx. 32° C

The private sauna and warm water pool can be booked together for private use!

Private sauna for 1-5 persons and warm water pool 5.5 m x 9.3 m (camera surveillance)
From 75 € / 2h, towel fee 3 € / person
Drinks and snacks can be ordered to the sauna for extra fee

Opening Hours

Restaurant is open 8-10.30 & 16-22
Breakfast 8-10.30 15 €/person, children 4-12 years -50%
A la carte 16-21 ( last order 20.30)


Restaurant is open 8-22
Breakfast 8-10.30
Lunch buffet is served 12.00-15.00
A la carte 15-21 ( last order 20.30)