Forest Yoga

Wake up with gentle and relaxing forest yoga and feel the spirit and clean fresh air during the lessons

Slalom (alpine skiing)

Ski Tornimäki´s versatile winter sports centre for the whole family

Bicycle Tours

Bike riding is also great fun starting from early spring and you can make a pleasant trip

Ice fishing tour to frozen lake Saimaa

Guided fishing trip to the nearby lake including all needed fishing equipment

Long-distance skating

Ice skater can enjoy both the beauty and silence of the winter nature

Rowing with church boat on blue Lake Saimaa

Test your team spirit and try how easy - or difficult - it is to maintain the same rowing pace and rhytm

Paddling tour at Luonteri area

Saimaa´s western part is called Luonteri, where you can find one of the cleanest waters in South-Savo


Can you swim in the lake without getting wet? Yes, you can. This activity leads you into a state of weightlessness!

Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf is a fun outdoor game. It can be played the year round as a group game or individually

Farm life with goats for families

On this family-friendly tour you have a possibility to explore Finnish country life

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is one of the best ways to explore one of Europe's most beautiful lakes, Saimaa

Trip to Finnish nature

Do a trip to Finnish nature

Saimaa Ceremony

This ceremony gives you everlasting memories from Anttola area, this program is ideal for the day of arrival

Cruise with M/S Kuutti to the historical Rock paintings of Astuvansalmi

Experience the biggest and most impressive ancient rock paintings in the Nordic countries

ABC of kayaking

Canoeing/kayaking is one good way to study our surrounding archipelago


Come and join the Anttolanhovi orienteering group. We give you a map and compass. And the adventure is waiting for you

Evening cruise at Anttolanhovi

Come and explore this 3 hours' evening cruise at lake Saimaa

Hiking trip to Neitvuori

Luonteri is one of the most famous nature reserves of Saimaa district

Cross-country skiing

There are excellent possibilities for cross-country skiing in Anttolanhovi

Snowshoeing on a frozen lake Saimaa

The blanket of snow flattens the terrain in the winter for the enjoyment of snowshoe walkers